National Alliance of Black School Educators Conference – Tampa, FL 11/2016
Equity and Excellence for All

Excellent workshop. Well prepared. Much needed.

Outstanding presentation & overview of progress.

Strong start to finish. Engaging mind, soul & body.

I was incredibly moved by the passion and action of the presenters.

National Alliance of Black School Educators Conference – Washington, DC 11/2015
Leading with a Black Voice: Black Leadership in a Predominantly White School

Pushed my thinking and understanding of what’s at play implicit bias, microaggressions.


Tons of insights & strategies / possibilities, practical applications.

Passionate, Knowledgeable speaker. Love the Passion to Action.

I enjoyed the fact that Percy began with some basic history. Too often, many educators do not know our history, which is incredibly rich!

All in all Mr. Brown was 100% prepared and knew his material. I was engaged and learned something new.

Honest and forthright. Unapologetic for his blackness. Scriptures are strength.

Spoke the truth, regardless of the audience.

What an outstanding presentation!

Mr. Brown spoke with passion and conviction. Such a blessing. He has opened my eyes to what is really going on in education.

Mr. Brown’s presentation needs to be done nationwide! Excellent!

Percy is a very effective presenter.  The steps he has taken I plan to duplicate.

Black History Month Presentation
Veterans Health Administration North Central Office in Wisconsin

My favorite part was learning about how his family history and some of the things they endured. It was me some insight as to why he is so passionate about black history and history in general.

The amount of passion that Percy has towards Black history definitely keeps you interested in what is being spoken about. Excellent job! I would absolutely attend another event that Percy is a speaker at!

Speaker discussed his family life, integrating it in the presentation. Adding a personal history makes it more interesting and real.  If Percy runs for office, I’ll vote for him.

Very good. Am sure this can make a difference in people’s lives.

Excellent, informative, thought provoking speaker.

Great speaker, informative & inspiring. I am glad he is in the education system.

Very informative and interesting presentation. Enjoyed the personal story and journey – very relatable to everyone and our shared American experience.

Excellent speaker.  Informative, entertaining & inspiring.

The event, speaker & subject was educating, humbling, sad, but most of all is was an excellent presentation. My least favorite part was that it wasn’t long enough! The speaker inspired me to become more involved in my community and my country.

I value the speaker’s experience and his positive take and focus on black history. I found his talk extremely inspiring.

UW Madison – Madison, WI 1/2017
Social Workers Confronting Racial Injustice Conference

Very passionate and well-articulated. It’s opened our eyes to things I did now know. (especially about Madison’s history and Martin Luther King Jr.)

Intense. Necessary.

Excellent speaker! Could have listened much longer!

Best of the day! He should have started the day and done a breakout session. Have him back next year!

This was an inspiring speech with an important message. Well done! Thank you!

A lot of good information and perspective. Presented in a way I haven’t heard before. Really resonated.

Excellent presentation. Mr. Brown provided both current and historical examples of oppression and the paralyzation of the community / society. His passion was inspiring.

Really moving 🙂 I like the energy he had! Good examples of issues in Madison. Good ways to take action.

Great presentation. Opened the conversation to be realistic rather than white washed.

Appreciate honesty and real perspective that be brings to the experience of people of color.

Powerful speaker. I think the ending – things you can do – is helpful and on a note of possibility of looking at other options.

Would have loved to hear from him even longer, more central to the day.

Honest and important. Heartfelt presentation.

Riveting and inspirational.

He lives in his truth and speaks his mind about oppression. Excellent!

Motivating and inspiring.

Get us fired up and ready for action!

Excellent. Powerful! I can’t thank Dr. Brown enough for taking the time to talk to us. I am SO moved by his insight.

I always enjoy listening to and learning from Percy Brown. He ties together the past and present in a way that makes current issues very relevant.

Very inspiring, informative and personally engaging.

The presenter engaged the attendees in real everyday experiences of racism. Straight language, no coding makes the learning the best.  The real talk. Great keynote. Majority white students & professionals in this field need to hear this real talk.

UW Madison – Madison, WI 4/2015
Confronting Racial Injustice: Social Workers Moving Beyond Neutrality

He is a very powerful speaker.

Reminded me of my privileges and how many people who are not white have to struggle just because of the color of their skin.

The historical information presented directly from a black man was necessary and appreciated. Thank you.

Awesome, he should be a guest speaker at social work classes. Students need to know the real history.

Percy was a wonderful, effective and dynamic speaker!

Fantastic presenter – gave me a good future direction for reading, research, etc.

This was so enlightening.

Mr. Brown’s story put a face to problem!

Wonderful! Very thought-provoking.

Percy Brown did an amazing job linking racial injustice with education.

Incredibly informative and challenging – loved the energy!

Effective tool and clear succinct history of key events leading to today’s racism.

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