The Institute for Critical Consciousness is necessary for school districts who want to begin the conversation of being culturally responsive to all students. Rainey and Percy bring a wealth of knowledge and perspective that guide members of the cohort. Their blend of conversations, videos, articles and personal testimonies opens your eyes to what needs to be done for all students right now. This is must class for every educator.

The Institute of Critical Consciousness helped me find my voice as a white teacher who will advocate for equity for all students in my care. Rather than shying away from conversations that intimidate me, I have been empowered to ask the tough questions and work as part of a team that will make a difference in the lives of students.

Percy Brown and Rainey Briggs led an enlightening course on the role bias plays in our world today. We took a look at how the media, politicians, educators, law enforcement, community members and adolescents played and continue to play a role in how the color of ones skin or someone’s ethnic background can influence the cards you are dealt and the barriers you must overcome.

This training was amazing. I loved being able to sit with knowledgeable facilitators and interested colleagues and discuss equity. There is a lot of research brought to the table, and it helps to open up the communication lines so equity can be more openly discuss and the work can be re-labeled as a necessary discussion. I recommend this to EVERYONE.

I highly recommend this experience to all educators. This course helped me to learn about the realities of institutional racism at a deep level and lit a fire in me to continue educating myself and working for justice.

Signing up for PD that was scheduled for Friday night and all day Saturday, twice, was a little daunting. I absolutely LOVED it all. Incredible instructors, safe space for learning and reflecting – by far one of the best PD opportunities I’ve participated in!

The presenters used humor, personal knowledge and experiences to raise sensitive issues around race and allow for personal exploration and refection in a safe space.

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