The Institute for Critical Consciousness is designed for educators in Dane County who want to address opportunity gaps. Through experiential based learning, educators will explore the implications historical and contemporary racism (national, state and local), implicit bias, micro-aggressions and stereotype threat has on students of color in public education. The facilitators will use personal narratives and research-based content to address the opportunity gap by engaging educators in meaningful self-reflection, small/large group dialogue and community building.


Outcomes Include:

  • a deepened awareness of why opportunity gaps exist

  • learning about inequities through personal narratives from facilitators

  • learning about researched based strategies that can reduce implicit bias, stereotype threat and micro-aggressions

  • learning about researched based strategies that can raise academic achievement for students of color

Percy Brown
• Director of Equity and Student Achievement for MCPASD
• Adjunct Instructor at Edgewood College
• Senior Outreach Specialist for the Wisconsin Center for Education Research
• Doctoral Student at Edgewood College
• CEO of Critical Consciousness, LLC
Rainey Briggs
• Director of Elementary Education for MCPASD
• Adjunct Instructor 
at Edgewood College
• Instructor at Viterbo College
• Doctoral Student at Edgewood College
Percy Brown is a perfect example of what we mean by "From knowledge to action." His work directly impacts the lives of educators and children.

- Dr. Gloria Ladson-Billings

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